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This form of editing means going over a manuscript line by line and editing it for grammar errors as you go. It doesn’t entail any extensive rewriting, but there may be some use of color editing to liven up flat prose, and there may be some reduction of redundancies (such as repeated information). Basically, line editing and proofreading checks for the most basic of grammatical and syntax errors.

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How much are you quoting? Do you end on an insight? Or do you force a belief on your reader?

Let them come to their own conclusion. Here’s the same section, after the changes I made in the clarity pass, with new highlights: The subhead is an insight, but it doesn’t give away the entire section.

You can also see some red marks because I made more clarity edits. That pass is never really done. Seven edits and three clarified insights later, the post is ready for the last round.

How much of your insight is borrowed? If it’s none, no one will believe you, if it’s all of it, no one will need you. Some insights from credible people, however, make it easier for the reader to trust your own.

StyleWriter is the only writing aid you can fully customize to your writing needs. Organizations can computerize their existing house style rules.

This style of editing may include the use of a style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style. Color editing/style editing. This is the most basic form of rewriting for style.

Standard Edition.

Dynamic Ecology. Multa novit vulpes. Guest post: Got a professional editor?

The mission of our team is to check every paper carefully for common mistakes as well as plagiarism and fix it so that the customer will not face problems with the teachers or publishing houses, depending on his purposes. Once you hire an editor professional, he/she will scan your attached piece of writing carefully to detect any gaps that could prevent you from earning A+ or some other benefits. Overall, our editors will check and fix the following elements: Grammar & Spelling Punctuation Formatting Structure Vocabulary usage Plagiarism.